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Write a Card to Emerson Hospital Employees

Option 1: Make your own card

It means so much to hospital employees to know that the community appreciates their efforts. These workers are on the front lines fighting this pandemic and they need your support! 


Take a few minutes out of your day to make someone else’s day. Your letter doesn’t have to be fancy, long, or complex. Anything and everything is greatly appreciated. 


Here’s how you can write a letter:

  1. Write a personal, handwritten note to the employees at Emerson Hospital (these will be shared directly with them!) 

  2. Snap a picture of your letter and email it to both: pr@emersonhosp.or and 

Option 2: Write your own note, but with a premade card

Another option is to write your own note, send it to us, and we will copy it down onto a nice, homemade card then take a picture and email it as well. Pick your design from a few different options ahead of time and we will make sure your note and the design on the front are sent on to the Emerson employees. Click on the paper icon to fill out the form

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