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About Us

We are 3 high school and middle school students from Concord, MA trying to help with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Ivy Randall

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Hello! I'm Ivy, and I am in eighth grade at Nashoba Brooks School in Concord, Ma. To me, a key aspect of COVID-19 is the effect it has on medical workers. Many nurses and doctors are now working extra shifts and risking their lives to help our community. These people are in need of support whether it be helping with food to save a trip to the grocery store, donating money, or writing a letter of gratitude.  By raising money we are serving people who work so hard to serve us. Every donation counts!

Elizabeth Wolfram

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Hi! I'm Elizabeth and I am a freshman at Groton School and I live in Concord, MA. I think that it is very important for students to get involved in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. There are so many things that students can do to help, even if they are not able to research for a cure. Handling this pandemic is new territory for all of us and it is important that students feel that they can do something about it too. I also think it is important for students to learn about COVID-19. There are so many different perspectives to look at it with. I personally am most interested in the mathematical side of the virus and its spread but it is great for people to be able to learn about it from all kinds of different perspectives.

Theo Randall

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Hi! My name is Theo and I am a freshman at Phillips Academy Andover. As the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase, I thought I should do something to help out. I wanted to make sure that I am helping those who most need it as this pandemic unfolds. I thought it would be best to help the nurses, doctors, and caretakers at local hospitals. We are raising money to help those people in any way possible. If you are unable to make a monetary donation, please consider writing a letter of thanks to any of the above workers, or helping their families if you know them personally. We can get through this together. Thanks!

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